7 Tips for Taking Down Holiday Decorations After The Holiday Season

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The holidays are over, and now it's time to take down all those Christmas lights, wreaths, and other decorations. But how do you remove them without damaging the house or leaving behind a mess? Here are 7 tips for safely removing holiday décor.

Start with the big stuff.

Take down the tree first. Then move on to the other decorations. Don't worry about the smaller items yet. They will come down when you're ready.

Remove Christmas Tree Ornaments.

If you're planning to take down your Christmas tree, start by taking off the ornaments first. You'll need to use a ladder to reach the top of the tree, so make sure you've got one handy. Once you've removed the ornaments, you can begin to take down the rest of the decorations.

Keep a Holiday Ornament Journal

Write new ornaments down in a notebook to remember where they came from and what they represent. Store it with your ornament box so you’ll always keep these lifelong memories!

Remove the bulbs from the light fixtures.

If you haven't taken down the Christmas lights yet, now is the perfect time to do so. You'll need to remove the bulb from each fixture before you can safely dispose of the string. To do this, simply unscrew the bulb from its socket. Once you've removed the bulb, you can toss it into the trash bin.

Take down the garland.

Now that the holidays are behind us, it's time to take down the holiday decorations. This includes the garlands, wreaths, and other decorative items hanging on your house. While some people enjoy putting up these decorations every year, others find them annoying. Either way, it's time to remove them.

Make it a Party!

If you really dislike the unfestive nature of undecorating the house, make it a party! Play music, put something yummy in the crockpot, and celebrate the end of the season with some hot cocoa and those jumbo-sized marshmallows.

Get the Family Involved.

Tired of keeping boxes of old decorations you didn’t use or that don’t bring you joy–give them to your family! Have a dot party and let your family help you declutter your space by taking your unwanted items off your hands.

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